Beach Cleanups

The trash on our beaches can be overwhelming. But joining a cleanup helps. Through participation, we can raise the awareness needed to bring about change.

Read how you can make a longer lasting and more meaningful impact: Beach Cleaning Ideas

Read more about some of our beach cleanups below:

  • The Art of Awareness

    YHKCC students visit Hung Sing Yeh Tuesday 26 June 2018 Thirty Year 10 and Year 11 students from the YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College (YHKCC) in Tung Chung visited Lamma as part of Service Outreach activities exploring pollution issues in Hong Kong. Paul Wong led the expedition to Lamma’s most popular gazetted beach at Hung Sing ...
  • Cleanup Diary: 24 January 2017

    Cleanup Diary: 24 January 2017
  • Cleanup Diary: 28 October 2017

    Volunteers and FEHD workers worked to clean up Tai Wan To Beach and Power Station Road one week before Lamma Fun Day Beach Music Festival and Lamma8 trail run.  
  • Cleanup Diary: 8 October 2017

    Cleanup Diary: 8 October 2017
  • Cleanup Diary: 12 August 2017

    A large volume of palm oil washed up on Lamma beaches in early August 2017 Well done to workers and volunteers who tackled this hot and sticky mess on our beautiful beaches.
  • Palm Oil Spill: August 2017

    Lamma Island beach palm oil pollution cleanup operation This weekend Sat 12 Aug and Sun 13 August 2017 For more on spill see Hong Kong Free Press 8 August 2017 There are still a large amount of palm oil on the beaches of Lamma. We are asking members of the public to clean up the beach at Yung ...
  • Cleanup Diary: 21 May 2017

    Cleanup Diary: 21 May 2017
  • Cleanup Diary 24 Jan 2017

    At a press conference with Sky News at Lap Sap Wan at Cape D’Aguilar in Shek O. Hard to believe that only recently there had been a major cleanup operation at this site. The large pieces of trash draw the eye, but it is what can easily go unnoticed under your feet that ...