Kick the Plastic Habit

More than 80% of the trash we find on our beaches is bought for ‘convenience’ and considered ‘disposable.’ What happens when…

We’re thirsty?

(Vita is the No. 1 Brand on our Beach! that’s in terms of numbers of bottles we pick up our clean ups!)

We’re hungry?

(These tools are only used once. For how long? 5 minutes? 10 minutes?)

We’re thirsty?

(So much trash for one small drink – this is usual for our clean ups)

We’re hungry?

(And so are the fish – they eat the plastic and polystyrene)

We can’t get the drink in us without the aid of a plastic tube?

(And we think we’re so smart – we easily find 200+ straws on our clean ups)

Do we like to use plastic and polystyrene to eat and drink? Surely we can eliminate it from our lives?

It’s not convenient, because it’s not disposable. The posts on this page will show you how changing your habits to cut down the waste you produce can be fun and satisfying. It’s good for our beaches and good for our health – you may even find it makes you new friends, impresses a prospective boss, saves you money and helps you sleep at night!