Stop the Mess! 2010

After trying to prevent dumping in Yung Shue Long Valley in 2009, we responded to local residents’ complaints about other areas in Yung Shue Wan and North Lamma that were either unsightly, derelict, littered or used as a dumping area.

We took photos to document the different areas and we presented the report in a book to the various government departments responsible: FEHD, District Lands Office, Lands Department, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and District Office. Later we hosted a joint visit with these departments and used this report as a basis for following up on actions.

By producing the Stop the Mess! report and talking with civil servants we learned about the roles and responsibilities of different government departments involved and often many departments need to coordinate in order to address waste management issues – it’s incredibly complex! For example, litter is not the responsibility of any one department, a solution depends on the type of litter and the location of the litter.

We looked at 12 different villages in North Lamma in 2010, so today the report may be a useful benchmark for progress.

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