Cleanup Diary 4 December 2010

Path from Banyan School to Tai Peng New Village


For quite some time, when coming up the hill laden down with shopping and kids, I’d been annoyed by the number of cans, plastic bottles, lunch boxes and other bits of ‘lap sap’ that had been tossed into the undergrowth off the path.

Jack the Intrepid went in first (to my relief, as I was more than a little concerned about snakes and centipedes). We were amazed at how much rubbish there was – two large bags and we only done half the hill. When the kids started to get restless (Max distracted by two enormous boxes of Lego and a remote control helicopter donated by a passing neighbour, which he described as the best treasure yet, and Kate finding a new game of “let’s-see-how-fast-mummy-can-move-if-I-run-at-top-speed-towards-the-steps”) it was time to go.

But not liking to leave a job unfinished, I went back at lunchtime while Kate was napping, took a deep breath and tried not to think about things that slither and crawl.

It’s incredible how what you find tells you about who put it there. At one point in the path I extracted about a dozen cans of Carlsberg. Was there a party at that point on the path? Probably not. It’s more likely to be someone who habitually buys a can in the village and chucks it once finished at around the same point.

Who are you? And can you stop, please?

I also collected a huge number of plastic water bottles. Now, I know who left some of these as a few weeks ago I saw a group of workers, who were making repairs to the slope, with them. I followed the trail and also discovered a dumping ground of construction rubbish. I’m following up with the District Office on which department ordered the work, and I will also be reporting this to the police.

There is no excuse for tossing rubbish into the undergrowth, as there are ample bins on Lamma. Most of the waste that we pick up is not biodegradable – drinks cans, plastic bottles, lunch boxes – I even picked up a plastic bag full of peanut shells. Lots of the bottles and cans were full of stinky water, great for the mosquitoes but not for us.

Here are some photos (thanks to Michelle for passing by at the right moment and taking them):






This last picture shows just some of the plastic bottles left behind by workers who were undertaking slopework a few weeks ago. In the following two photos, I’ve attempted to show some of the rubbish that has been thrown down the hillside – a little difficult to capture in the folliage:



We will be continuing to do our clean ups every Saturday morning. This week I’m planning to continue to tackle the rubbish around Tai Peng New Village. I’d be delighted to have people to help. Alternatively, organize a clean up of an area of your choice and tell us about it. Email

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