Stop The Mess – D – Yung Shue Long Valley

Yung Shue Long Valley to Tai Peng New Village
REF: YSL0010210

Oil drums on the path to Yung Shue Long. The storage of these seems to be a particular problem on Lamma.

Responsibility: How should they be disposed of? Where should they be stored?

REF: YSL0020210

Restaurants often seem to have problems finding enough space, especially after refurbishment. There is not enough space to store things.

Responsibility: Could departments work with the restaurants to find solutions?

REF: YSL0030210

This corner is often piled with rubbish, some from construction on the right-hand side, some from the restaurant.

Responsibility: There needs to be more dialogue with restaurant owners and builders to find long-term solutions to cleaning up Lamma.

REF: YSL0040210

This digger has been rusting here for years. Can it be moved and the area landscaped?

Responsibility: Lands Department, LCSD

REF: YSL0050210

The refuse collection point at Yung Shue Long. The area behind it was clear after residents complained about the stockpiling of old bins. Since then someone has dumped old fridges and large metal items there. Often these bins are overflowing. The area needs to be redesigned and landscaped to prevent dumping and encourage responsible use.

Responsibility: Lands Department, FEHD

REF: YSL0060210

Items dumped at the back of the bin area at Yung Shue Long.

Responsibility: Lands Department

REF: YSL0070210

Items dumped at the back of the bin area at Yung Shue Long.

Responsibility: Lands Department

REF: YSL0080210

When the building rubbish dumping started in Yung Shue Long Valley, May 2009, this railing was taken off and dumped in the undergrowth.

Responsibility: Lands Department, the landowner? This railing was paid for from the public purse and this is an act of vandalism.

REF: YSL0090210

The Yung Shue Long landfill. This site has been documented separately (See Sorry Tale of Yung Shue Long Valley).
It is incredible and a great shame to Hong Kong that government departments cannot act to protect this land, which is zoned for agricultural use.

Responsibility: EPD


On the path to Yung Shue Long Old Village opposite the landfill, this dumping has occurred in the undergrowth.

Responsibility: Lands Department


Black water flowing inland from the sea at the DSD nullah in the Yung Shue Long valley. This leaves behind all manner of rubbish and a stink. We have included suggestions for improvements to this area in Appendix III.

Responsibility: DSD

IMG_4245.JPG REF: YSL0120210

Some of the mess and silt left behind by the DSD’s nullah.

Responsibility: DSD

REF: YSL0130210

An old printer and various other items including an old washing machine covered in greenery on the right hand side behind the bin.

Responsibility: EPD, Lands Department

REF: YSL0140210

The view of the landfill when the lily pond used to be. These pipes present a particular hazard. Stacked in this way, they can easily roll and crush a child.

Responsibility: The landowner. Though Living Lamma would hate to see another ugly fence being erected on Lamma, we would also not want to see a child getting hurt in this area.

REF: YSL0150210

Makeshift fence at the side of the farmer’s field in Yung Shue Long.

Responsibility: This farmer and his wife are Hong Kong heroes. Their relentless hard work has kept the part of the valley that they farm beautiful. Could we reward them with proper (and attractive) fences? Is there any fund through government that they could use?

REF: YSL0160210

Rubbish on the farmer’s field. Items that he may or may not need, but which create an eyesore on his otherwise beautiful fields.

Responsibility: If a group such as Living Lamma was with the owner’s permission to clean up this area, and other places like this, how would government departments support these efforts?

REF: YSL0170210

An oil drum and a rusty metal box off the path opposite the Water Authority building in the Yung Shue Long valley.

Responsibility: ?

REF: YSL0180210


The Water Authority building in dire need of repainting.

Responsibility: Water Authority.

REF: YSL0190210

A disused shack off the path to Tai Peng on the right-hand side near the Water Supplies Department building that should be cleared.

Responsibility: Lands Department.

REF: YSL0200210

Bins near the bottom of Tai Peng hill. All the bin areas on this path need to be redesigned.
Why do people leave rubbish next to the bin when the bin is empty?

Responsibility: FEHD, LCSD

REF: YSL0210210

The bin area near the bottom of the steps leading to Tai Peng New Village. No recycling bins available here. Plenty of space to redesign the bins and landscape this area.

Responsibility: FEHD, LCSD

REF: YSL0220210

Old bedposts and chicken wire used as makeshift fencing on Tai Peng hill near lamppost number 35704.

Responsibility: Lands Department? FEHD? LCSD – the bank on this hill could be planted and made beautiful.

REF: YSL0230210

More bins on the side of the path on Tai Peng hill, near house number 36.

Responsibility: FEHD

REF: YSL0240210

Shacks and various items piled near the path on Tai Peng hill near house number 36.

Responsibility: Lands Department


REF: YSL0250210

View from the path near house number 36 on Tai Peng hill. Can this area be cleaned up?

Responsibility: Lands Department

REF: YSL0260210

Rubble left behind next to the path on Tai Peng hill.

Responsibility: How can this area be made to look nice? What can be done to disguise the blocks of concrete off this path?

REF: YSL0270210

Another pile of rubble left behind after recent work.

Responsibility: Lands Department?