Stop the Mess – F – Tai Peng New Village

Tai Peng New Village
REF: TPNV0010210

Rusty metal fence at Tai Peng New Village near lamppost number 35787 on the path to Po Wai Yuen.

Responsibility: Could all such fencing be replaced with something that is more attractive? Which department is responsible for the railings and fencing?

REF: TPNV0020210

Many of the signs on Lamma are falling into disrepair, like this one near lamppost number 35787. Is there one department responsible for the maintenance of these signs or is it up to individual departments to take care of their own signs.

Responsibility: In this case, Islands District Office?

REF: TPNV0030210

This bag of rubbish is in the undergrowth and visible from the path near lamppost number 35787.

Responsibility: FEHD

REF: TPNV0040210

The bin area at Tai Peng New Village is getting worse and worse. Rubbish is routinely place near the bins not in them and the area around the bins is piled with bits of rubble that is never cleared. Thin rusty metal sticks out of the ground.

Responsibility: FEHD, LCSD


REF: TPNV0050210

The big rocks were recently taken from the side of a garden in Tai Peng New Village and dumped here by contractors working for the Home Affairs Department. This area is also littered with rubble. Can it be cleared and landscaped?

Responsibility: Lands Department, LCSD

REF: TPNV0060210

Typical view of the bins in Tai Peng New Village.

Responsibility: FEHD

REF: TPNV0070210

Rubble left behind in Tai Peng New Village.

Responsibility: Lands Department


REF: TPNV0080210

Another pile of rubble at Tai Peng New Village.

Responsibility: FEHD, Lands Department, LCSD

REF: TPNV0090210

The path in Tai Peng New Village has a big drop and no railing. Gardening waste is dumped here, along with other items. Can we get a railing for this path? There are a number of children in this village. How can garden waste be disposed of on Lamma effectively?

Responsibility: FEHD, Lands Department

REF: TPNV0100210

The gateway into Tai Peng New Village could be an attractive feature, but it is in need of renovation.

Responsibility: Lands Department?

REF: TPNV0110210

This telephone pole near 19 Tai Peng New Village, like many others on the island, was left behind when new ones were put in. There are two more on the steps that go down from 118 Tai Peng New Village to Yung Shue Long. These are in trees and difficult to photograph, but one is completely rusted and likely to fall in strong winds and the other is broken at the bottom and only held up by the undergrowth.

Responsibility: Lands Department? PCCW? These should be removed.

REF: TPNV0120210

Garden waste near house number 87 at Tai Peng New Village.

Piles of garden waste encourage the dumping of other waste. There should be a facility on Lamma to shred and compost this material.

Responsibility: FEHD

REF: TPNV0130210

Leftovers from a recent building site next to the path at Tai Peng New Village. Can this be landscaped?

Responsibility: Lands Department? Private land?

IMG_4562.JPG TPNV0140210

Old mattress and boards on the slope at the end of the railings (below) at Tai Peng New Village. This is often done to clear the ground for cultivation, but this area has been like this for a long time with no evidence that it is being cared for.

Responsibility: Lands Department.

REF: TPNV0150210

Rusty railings at Tai Peng Village near the sitting out area.

Responsibility: Lands Department