Stop The Mess – K – Landscaping

Appendix III:
Some Landscape Enhancement Concepts For Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island
Prepared By Marcus Swetnam, Living Sculpture Landscapes on behalf of Living Lamma
February 2010
Appendix IV: Areas for landscaping, beautification, improved public space

There are few areas that have been landscaped to good effect on Lamma and very few places for people to sit or children to play. Here are a few examples of areas that could be improved:

REF: LS0010210

Areas fenced off by government have already been mentioned in this report as potential areas for landscaping. At the moment, the fencing and signs are making Lamma less beautiful, but there is no reason why these areas could not be beautified.

REF: LS0020210

Banks like this one on Tai Peng hill could be planted and made to look a lot better. There are plenty of areas that have recently been dug over to put in new water pipes and these could be landscaped.

REF: LS0030210

Many banks, such as this one in Tai Peng, could be made into beautiful areas.

REF: LS0040210

This area in Tai Peng New Village could be planted.

REF: LS0050210

This green space in Tai Peng Old Village could easily be made into a garden area with seating, shading and swings for children.

This is likely private land. Are there any mechanisms by which such areas can be developed as community space?

REF: LS0060210

The sitting out area in Tai Peng could be improved by planting a garden. At the moment, the benches are crumbling and the immediate area is dominated by concrete, railings and dirt.


REF: LS0070210

This sitting area in Tai Wan Village has good potential for renovation. It is midway to the beach and would be a welcome rest stop for visitors. Is this private land? Could it be developed with a government grant?

REF: LS0080210

Even small areas like this one in Tai Wan Village on the main path to the beach could be much improved with landscaping.

REF: LS0090210

Sadly, many areas that could provide shaded seating areas become dumping grounds for materials, like this one at Tai Wan Village next to the temple.


REF: LS0100210

The area next to the cable road toward power station beach could be replanted with trees.

REF: LS0110210

This part along the cable road could be developed into a BBQ area (note: not concrete, but properly landscaped using materials that are sensitive to the environment).

REF: LS0120210

This area could be turned into a children’s play area, again using natural materials that are in keeping with the environment. A shaded seating area could be provided on the opposite side of the cable road.