Stop The Mess – B – Main Street

Appendix I: Problem Areas (included in the visit by government department representatives)
Yung Shue Wan Main Street – From the YSW Ferry Pier to the Football Pitch and Tin Hau Temple
REF: YSW0010210

This rusty sign has been in this state on the ferry pier for years.

Responsibility: Which department is responsible for the maintenance of signs on Lamma? Can something be done to upgrade them and take away the ones which are no longer in use?

REF: YSW0020210

This rusty (and apparently dangerous) box is at the end of the ferry pier, next to the substation (below).

Responsibility: HEC? Lands Department? Can’t something be done to improve the appearance of this? It is at the end of the pier on one of the first things visitors see.

REF: YSW0030210

This substation has not had its outward appearance maintained and is urgent need of renovation or replacement, preferably with something that does not have such a terrible visual impact on Lamma’s harbourfront.

Responsibility: HEC? Lands Department?

REF: YSW0040210

Directly next to the old substation at the end of the pier there is an area that is always covered with rubbish.

Responsibility: Who is responsible for clearing this? FEHD? Lands Department?

REF: YSW0050210

The Lamma ‘welcome wall’ has not been upgraded for many years and has become an eyesore. The concrete at the base should be faced, perhaps to include seating, and the wall redesigned. There should be an area (part of the wall or elsewhere) that is designated for the posting of notices, and this should be cleaned and properly maintained. We have included some ideas for the redesign of this area in Appendix III.

Responsibility: LCSD? Lands Department?

REF: YSW0050210

This illegal structure has been part of the Lamma scenery for many years. It is one of the first things you see when you get off the ferry. It is an eyesore, which obscures the view of the harbour. It should be dismantled and that part of the harbour made attractive, or converted for public use (cycle park, sitting out area) if it is safe to do so.

Responsibility: Lands Department? Home Affairs Department?

REF: YSW0060210

Rusted bases of railing just off the ferry pier opposite the ‘welcome wall’. This is typical of the railings on Lamma, which often do not seem to be properly maintained or painted. In some cases, the railings are just left to fall over (see Tai Wan To examples). This could cause a danger to the public, particularly in areas that get busy like here.

Responsibility: Lands Department?

REF: YSW0070210

The area opposite the Post Office between the illegal structure and the fence is often littered with rubbish.

Responsibility: Lands Department? FEHD?

REF: YSW0080210

The view of Lamma’s harbour front to the ferry pier obscured by ugly metal fencing.

Responsibility: When will something be done about this area? Who is responsible?

REF: YSW0090210

Next to the illegal structure there is a pile that contains old boards, metal, piping, an old boat, an old bike, a broken plastic chair, old construction lights, etc.

Responsibility: Lands Department? Can this be cleared?

REF: YSW0100210

Recently, as well as the amount of rubbish on public view, graffiti has become a problem. Presumably, this is illegal? What can be done to deter this?

Responsibility: Police? Can this be cleaned? Or whitewashed?

REF: YSW0110210

This pile of rusty oil drums (recently covered in black plastic bags), polystyrene boxes, old fridges, etc has been here for years. It is near lamppost 38334 next to the Sampan Restaurant.

Responsibility: Sampan Restaurant? Lands Department? Can this be moved? What are the restaurants supposed to do with such items?

REF: YSW0120210

The sitting out area opposite the toilets has been closed for refurbishment since October 2009. Little work appears to have been done in that time. The palm trees seem to have been destroyed and the usual ugly metal fences have been put up (see pictures below).

IMG_2749.JPG REF: YSW0130210

This was what it looked like before work started. The benches and canopy were all relatively new and in no need of repair and the flower beds were well maintained.

Now the area is an eyesore. There has been no indication when it will be reopened.

Responsibility: LCSD

REF: YSW0140210 REF: YSW0150210
REF: YSW0160210

More graffiti, this time on the side of the Island Bar.

IMG_3727.JPG REF: YSW0170210

More graffiti, this time on the side of the concrete nullah.

Responsibility: Has any action been taken to prevent further graffiti? Which department would be responsible?

REF: YSW0180210

‘Graffiti’ on the side of the toilets, presumably put there by a government department.

Can other means be found to encourage people to keep things clean? This just adds to the ‘uglification’ of Yung Shue Wan.

Responsibility: ?

REF: YSW0190210

The refuse collection point outside the public toilets at Yung Shue Wan. There has been talk that this will be relocated as part of the redevelopment of the sitting out area. Is this correct? What is the timetable and to where will the rubbish be redirected? This obscures the view of the harbour and should be moved.

Responsibility: FEHD, LCSD

REF: YSW0200210

The view of the harbour. Though local businesses attempt to make things nice, there is little they can do about the view of the ‘temporary’ storage of materials for the sewage works, the substation, the refuse collection point and the toilets (just out of view) that take precedence on the harbourfront.

Responsibility: Home Affairs? Lands Department? Planning Department? Which department is responsible for the design of Yung Shue Wan harbour?

IMG_3731.JPG REF: YSW0210210

Yung Shue Wan’s harbourfront is dominated by concrete, pipes and fences. The beach is dirty. Can this be redesigned to make it more attractive? We have included some designs for discussion in Appendix III.

Responsibility: Which department is responsible for the design of Yung Shue Wan’s harbour?

REF: YSW0220210

Ugly fencing and signs next to the Sampan Restaurant at Yung Shue Wan. This occurs in several areas on Lamma. Though designed to stop ‘illegal occupation of government land’, it only creates an eyesore, in this case obscuring the view of the sea.

Responsibility: Lands Department. Can landscaping be used instead? We have some designs to turn this area into a garden, included in Appendix III for discussion.

IMG_3950.JPG REF: YSW0230210

The banyan tree by the police post on Yung Shue Wan Main Street. The steel fence obscuring the tree, erected in 2009, has created one of Lamma’s biggest rubbish bins and a store for one of the restaurant’s fish tank covers. Though this was cleaned out following a visit from FEHD in January 2010, the design makes it difficult to keep clean.

Responsibility: FEHD? LCSD? We have included some alternative designs for this area in Appendix III of this document.

REF: YSW0240210

Behind the amber shop, on the harbour front, this pile (and the one opposite, see below) contains all manner of rubbish.

Responsibility: Lands Department, FEHD, EPD

REF: YSW0250210

An old fridge, plastic crates, tires, bike parts, old furniture, broken glass, polystyrene, old canopy, all in poor condition.

Responsibility: Is this government land or private?

REF: YSW0260210

This bin on Main Street is clearly not sufficient, but the solution to tie a black plastic bag to the fence does not look good.

Responsibility: FEHD

REF: YSW0270210

Rubbish left behind by builders next to Main Street. Cigarette packets, butts, bottles and cans are in clear view.

Responsibility: Can we ask workers to keep sites clean? Who is responsible for this?

REF: YSW0280210

The view from the Waterfront Restaurant. Again the government has created an eyesore. Can this area be landscaped?

Responsibility: Lands Department, LCSD?

REF: YSW0290210

This area close to the football pitch is much improved since the FEHD visit (see photo below), but why does it have to be fenced? This whole area could be vastly improved with more planting and landscaping.

Responsibility: Lands Department? Private land?

IMG_4258.JPG REF: YSW0300210

The ‘garden’ next to the football pitch used as a temporary store for building materials. It was like this for about a year. Now restored (see photo above), but much more could be done to make this area attractive.

REF: YSW0310210

Old toilet cisterns next to the garden area above, near the football pitch and temple.

Responsibility: Lands Department

REF: YSW0320210

Also next to the garden, an old rusty air conditioner and a pile of rubble.

Responsibility: EPD, Lands Department

REF: YSW0330210

This area was cleaned following the visit by the FEHD (see before photo below), but much more could be done to make this area attractive. Can the metal posts be taken away and the garden improved?

Responsibility: Lands department, LCSD?

IMG_4261.JPG REF: YSW0340210

The area next to the football pitch before the FEHD’s visit. These items had been there for years.

REF: YSW0350210

The beach area at the football pitch end of Yung Shue Wan needs redesigning and cleaning up. The beach is littered with builders’ rubble and other rubbish. Old boats seem to be abandoned here.

Responsibility: How could we go about redesigning the harbour? Who would be involved in the discussions?

REF: YSW0360210

This platform comes off a building and onto the beach area, clearly visible from the path near the football pitch. The underside is full of rubbish.

Responsibility: What can be done to make this area look better?

REF: YSW0370210

This fenced-in platform creates another eyesore on the harbourfront. Can this be landscaped to look attractive?

Responsibility: Lands Department

REF: YSW0360210

The harbourfront area next to the football pitch and the adjoining goods delivery area, seems to have become a dumping ground for old fridges, palettes, boats, netting, metal pipes, aircons, and other items. (See the following 9 photos below) There is also a large amount of dog mess on this area.

REF: YSW0370210

Old freezer and palettes

REF: YSW0380210

All sorts of construction waste and palettes

Responsibility: Who is responsible for this area? Why is this rubbish not taken to the transfer station?

REF: YSW0390210

A pile of construction waste and a pile of sand. Is this area being used for construction? If so, why does it have to be such a mess?

Responsibility: Lands Department, EPD?

REF: YSW0400210

The metal fencing has been taken away here leaving a sheer drop into the sea. This area is quite close to the children’s play area and football pitch.

REF: YSW0410210

A pile of palettes and packaging materials.

REF: YSW0420210

Bags of cement, bamboo scaffold, palettes and packaging. The view of the harbour.

REF: YSW00430210

Scattered palettes and an old metal cabinet.

REF: YSW0440210

More palettes, an oil drum and metal cabinet.

Responsibility: This area is used for goods delivery, but there is no need for it to be so untidy. Why can’t things be stacked properly and unwanted items taken to the transfer station?

REF: YSW0450210

Old fencing and various items at a makeshift shack next to the football pitch and in front of the temple.

Responsibility: Is this private land? How can a clean up be encouraged? Can the fencing be removed and a small garden be put on the right-hand side?

REF: YSW0460210

The shack from the front view.

REF: YSW0470210

An oil drum next to the football pitch in front of the temple.

Responsibility: How should these be disposed of? Is there a place to store them that is out of public view?

REF: YSW0480210

The refuse collection point by the temple. This is very small and does not have recycling bins. Often the rubbish is put next to it.

Responsibility: FEHD. All the rubbish bins and refuse collection points need an upgrade. They should be designed in such a way as to make them attractive and encourage use.

REF: YSW0490210

An old oil drum with cigarette butts on it, board and a palette right outside the temple.

Responsibility: Can this be removed? Who is responsible for this?

IMG_4886.JPG YSW0500210

Pile of old fans in the ferry pier at Yung Shue Wan. The pier itself is in need of maintenance.

Responsibility: HKKF

IMG_4887.JPG YSW0510210

A pile of items (rubbish?) inside the ferry pier at Yung Shue Wan. This sets a very poor example.

Responsibility: HKKF