Stop The Mess! – T- letter

Living Lamma

Stop the Mess! Campaign

28th January 2010

To: Ms. Lee, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

Thank you for your visit today.

Members of Living Lamma would like to work with the FEHD to encourage the clean up of areas that have become black spots for rubbish on the island. We would like to show you some examples today, and ask for your guidance on the steps that have to be taken to clear these areas.

We have identified the following problems:

  • Rubbish left in public places (eg. The Styrofoam box near the post office, the cage around the tree next to the police station)
  • Areas where rubbish has been dumped (eg. next to the platform by the pier, the TV and washing machine near the football pitch)
  • The beach, both next to the Sampan and at the football pitch end
  • Areas where the refuse collection points get overburdened. None of these have been made to look attractive and much could be done to improve them
  • Areas where people seem to be storing rubbish (eg. Tai Yuen and Sha Po villages). The same problem exists in Tai Peng and Hung Shing Ye, though due to time constraints, these will not be part of the tour today
  • Restaurants – many of these have Styrofoam boxes, old oil cans and other waste piled up or dumped nearby


  1. What can we do to tidy up Lamma?
  2. How can we encourage individuals to remove rubbish?
  3. What if the rubbish is too bulky/heavy to move?
  4. One of our ideas is to clear up areas and then landscape them to deter future dumping. Can the FEDH help to recommend areas for landscaping? Which department would be able to action this?
  5. What are people on Lamma supposed to do with:
    1. Unwanted electrical items
    2. Construction waste
    3. Old oil cans
    4. Styrofoam boxes
    5. Old furnitureWe have found that even when we pay to have people take things away, these items can end up being dumped. Is there a waste management system for Lamma Island? How is this communicated to the residents?

Living Lamma