Meeting: LCSD 9 March 2011

Meeting LCSD

Wednesday 9th March 2011

At 10.00 am

Room 1404, 14/F Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central


  1. What areas are LCSD responsible for on Northern Lamma?
  2. Why do LCSD areas in Yung Shue Wan seem poor in comparison to those in other locations (Sok Kwu Wan and Cheung Chau, for example)?
    1. The clock tower
    2. The football pitch
    3. The play area and old people’s area
  3. Can we identify areas that could be improved? Some examples:
    1. The flower beds outside the library
    2. The sitting out area in Tai Peng
    3. The bank by the children/old people’s area
  4. What are the plans for the sitting out area next to the temple? When will this be completed?
  5. We are trying to clean up Lamma. Our aim is zero littering and zero dumping. Once cleaned, we would like to see areas beautified through simple planting and landscaping and need LCSD’s help to do this on government land. How can this be achieved? (Example: The entranceway to Tai Peng New Village)
  6. Trees and green waste. We notice that LCSD has a great deal of information on trees and greening on its website and that it has recently started a “Green Volunteer” campaign. There is a significant problem with tree management and green waste on Lamma. How can these programmes help?
  7. Contractors. We have noticed that government contractors have been contributing to the littering/dumping problem on Lamma (in the case of LCSD, the area next to the children’s play area in Pak Kok for example). We would like to see a significant improvement in future.