Meeting: YSW New Police Post 11 May 2011

Consultation on the New Police Post

Questions for Meeting on 11th May at 10 a.m.

  1. How tall will the new police post be?
  2. We notice the design considers the roadside to be the front view. There does not seem to have been much thought gone into the design of the harbour side. The building will have significant visual impact for people coming off the ferry. In this way, it is a building with 2 fronts. What will be done to ensure the harbour side of the building is attractive?
  3. There are also plans for an Activity Centre on the adjoining plot. Are these designs to be integrated? If not, how can we ensure that the design of the police post is not at odds with the activity centre?
  4. We note there is “vehicular access” included in the design? Are there plans for the Lamma Police to have vehicles?
  5. Similarly, we do not see any bicycle parking. Are there any plans to include properly designed bike parking in the new police post?
  6. We note planter boxes on the outside of the police post. Who is responsible for the maintenance of these?
  7. What will happen to the existing police post by the bank? Can this be given over to public open space under LCSD?
  8. What are the plans for the Police Post at Hung Shing Yeh? Can this be converted to public use?
  9. What will the new police post be used for? Will there be any space that can be used by the public as a meeting room or for public education campaigns? There is currently no facility for this on Lamma.
  10. How sustainable is the design of the new police post? Does it include green features such as double gazing, shading, shutters, energy efficient lighting, etc?