Lamma Ferry Pier Improvement Suggestions 12 January 2012


Presented to HKKF, the Commissioner for Transport and the Commissioner for Tourism


Lamma Island is well known as a place of natural beauty, an escape from the concrete jungle of the city. In the last few years, however, residents have witnessed a deterioration in the environment caused by littering, dumping, insensitive development and the increasing volume of people who come to the island to live or to visit.

Living Lamma is trying to reverse this trend by organizing clean ups and beautification efforts and lobbying for facilities that meet the needs of the community while being in keeping with the rural character and complimenting the natural environment.

The ferry pier is the gateway to Lamma, yet currently aside from a few vinyl banners and cork notice boards, there is little that enhances the visitor experience. Though the ferry pier was redecorated last year, there was little design input and nothing to reflect the local flavour.

Living Lamma offers 3 simple suggestions that would improve the pier for ferry customers and provide much needed support for efforts to clean up Lamma in order to help it reach its potential as an eco-destination.

These are:

1) Murals at Ferry Pier YSW;

2) Community noticeboard; and

3) Community exhibition space inside YSW pier waiting area.


Colourful and artistic murals at the ferry pier are a simple way to welcome tourists and residents to the island. This has been done to great effect in Cheung Chau (see photo below) and we would very much like to see something similar on Lamma.


There are quite a few places at the pier where beautiful colourful art could be painted, for example, the wall opposite where people disembark or on the pillars in the entrance to the pier. Each pillar could have a different aspect of Island life on it for example boats, hiking, eating, beaching, wildlife/nature.

Murals have always been popular as a way of expressing feelings of local people about their communities and they help beautify a place or tell a story. On Cheung Chau, a mural running up the steps at the ferry pier reminds people of the success of Lee Lai Shan (see photo below). Lamma has plenty to offer yet there is nothing to indicate this to visitors or residents as they step onto the island at Yung Shue Wan. Art is a way to communicate non-verbally between different nationalities. It can tell people about the place they are in – the history, ecology and attractions.


Lamma is home to many artists with different talents. We would like to mobilize this talent by organizing a competition to find the most appealing designs. We would like to explore different avenues for funding such a project with the involvement of the ferry operator and relevant government departments.


We would like to ask the ferry company to assist us in providing a place where residents can pin up notices. Every community likes to have notices of what is going on, activities and buying or selling items. It is a valuable community resource. Unfortunately on Lamma now that resource is not being allowed to take place by the Food and Environmental Hygiene department who insist of cleaning off all the notices whenever they appear.

We ask if the ferry company can help with this important community service by hosting a FREE notice board inside the waiting area on the pier.

There would be plenty of room on the inside of the pier for both.

How the ferry company manages the notice board is up to them.

A cork notice board would allow people to use drawing pins to stick their notices up and it would be easy to keep it clean and tidy as we would not have rain and wind tearing and wetting the paper and making it look ugly and untidy.


The space in the ferry pier at the far end and to the left where currently a lot of old tools and equipment sit would make an ideal community exhibition space. If we could get some inexpensive display boards built and they were the type that stand alone, can be stored and moved around, ie were on wheels, we could have regular ART exhibitions on the ferry pier! Imagine that! An exhibition space in a community that has no facilities to exhibit art, or ideas is an impoverished community indeed. Your ferry company could be the answer to this severe lack of quality in our lives. I can remember in the past having participating in an art exhibition on the ferry pier (when the HKYF ran the ferry ) and it was a huge success and it brought a lot of pleasure to the local community.

There are many interesting creative groups growing in Lamma and one of them is my business Island Arts which teaches kids painting and drawing. I am suggesting this company because it one that I know of but I am told there are other companies specializing in artistic activities and I am sure they would enjoy participating in any exhibitions they are able to.

Mounting an exhibition is a lot of work and each exhibitor would have to be responsible for looking after their own show and setting up, getting sponsorship and insurance. The ferry company would only have to supply the space. The initial display boards might be donated or bought with funds raised in events or privately sponsored . We have a lot to plan and this is an initial proposal the details would have to be worked out later after hearing what you think of our art in Lamma Ideas.

We hope you will consider all or some of these ideas and we look forward to working with you should you wish to take any of them up.

For the moment I would like you to write directly to me and I will be reporting back to the Chairman of Living Lamma, Ms Jo Wilson and would hope that we could work with the District officers and rural Committee members as well.

Very best wishes,

Roz Keep, Beautification Officer, Living Lamma Volunteer Group, Artistic Director Island Arts Co and artist/watercolour painter.