Cleanup Diary: 17 March 2014

Cleanup at Pak Kok beach, Lamma Island with Sear Rogers International School (SRIS). The kids are great, but really they should not have to witness this rubbish!

Before the cleanup, the kids were briefed on the outcome of the Brand on the Beach cleanups and asked to find ways to reduce their plastic consumption. When they hit the beach, we could see that some of the kids were overwhelmed by the trash. One girl, Afifah, was so moved by the experience that she later wrote poetry describing her experience:

Plastic bottles, polystyrene
Why can’t we keep it clean?
Another day another worry
All the animals would have to scurry
Is it hard to put it in the trash?
Only takes a second and not a lot of cash
But one lady helps clean the beach
Vita, Bonaqua, she keeps track of each
So we are thankful for that
Thank you to the Lady in the Pink Hat

A walk to the bin that’s what it takes
the more rubbish on the beach, the higher the stakes
for the fish and the turtles
and for the beach called pebbles
a walk to the recycling would be good
so animals don’t mistake it for food
for all the children
and the future generation
if we start now
it’ll be a beautiful world