Cleanup Diary: 2 March 2014

Cleanup at Pak Kok beach, Lamma Island. Once again a big thank you to all those who came out to clean up – it really is a Sisyphean task. I know it will be back in a month, just as bad.

But we have to try to clean it up, if only to show people what is happening. Particularly grateful to Terrence for coming today and engaging so wonderfully with the kids. Terrence works for the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. His workers try their best every day, but we just produce too much trash for them to cope with. It’s Terrence’s day off today and he’s come to help clean up the beach.

My goodness, there was a lot of trash. As usual, we counted it all, but the actual numbers just make no sense to what the eye is seeing – it’s just too much!

I had a particularly unpleasant experience in picking up a sticky, pink mass. What could it be? When one of my beach cleaning colleagues told me to turn it around, I really wished he hadn’t: I found myself looking at a sex toy in the shape of a backside, which then stuck to my gloves. Yeeeucckk!