Cleanup Diary: 31 October 2014

Cleanup of Yung Shue Wan with Banyan House

Bringing kids to the beach should not be all about rubbish, but equally, we cannot bring them up to ignore the problem.

When I started cleaning the beach at Yung Shue Wan, I could hear mothers walking past with their kids telling them it was too dirty or dangerous to go onto. It was a great joy to clean it up so that kids could come to the beach (though I still see the kids being hurried past on their way home to do their homework).

Today, the kids from Banyan House pre-school came to learn a little about how creatures eat plastic and how that is no good for them (and no good for us either). I had fashioned a fish out of a big plastic bottle and the kids were helped to pick up trash that was then used to give “Swish the Fish” his breakfast. All agreed that it was a very poor breakfast for a fish and we really wouldn’t like to have that in our tummies.