Cleanup Diary: 25 Oct 2015

Italian Chamber of Commerce cleans up Lamma Island

Just finished a fab clean up at Yung Shue Wan with a team from the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. All to help the Hong Kong Cleanup.

What a lovely bunch of people, who tackled what looked at first glance like a clean beach, but we managed to collect 100kg ++ of construction waste, 380 cigarette butts, 20 kgs of soft plastics including food wrappers and plastic bags, 370 pc of hard plastic, 30 straws, and a really, really BIG tyre.

Thank you to everyone for a great afternoon, and an especially BIG thank you to Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) staff, who are helping take what they can off the beach.

Currently, the FEHD is not helped by the Lands Department, under which the jurisdiction of the beach is designated, or the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) – there is a big problem in moving the tyre and the construction waste as FEHD are only supposed to take household waste to the transfer station.

I’m sure it should be possible to work together to solve this. Our beach should not resemble a construction dump YSW beach