Cleanup Diary: 24 Jan 2017

At a press conference with Sky News at Lap Sap Wan at Cape D’Aguilar in Shek O. Hard to believe that only recently there had been a major cleanup operation at this site. The large pieces of trash draw the eye, but it is what can easily go unnoticed under your feet that is very worrying.


Try to dig  and you will find that you are standing on polystyrene dirt– tiny particles that is so thick it is hard to dig to the bottom of it. I was demonstrating this to a reporter when I dug up a plastic dinosaur – no kidding! I also found a cluster of mussels that had attached themselves to a polystyrene block and then died once the polystyrene was tossed up onto the beach.



Earlier that morning, I had been invited to a meeting with Aberdeen District Council on board a boat as we inspected Aberdeen Harbour. How I wish I could have brought them all to Lap Sap Wan with me. Then they would understand.