Cleanup Diary: Palm Oil Spill 9 August 2017

Lamma Island beach palm oil pollution cleanup operation
This weekend: Saturday 12 August and Sunday 13 August 2017

For more on spill see Hong Kong Free Press 8 August 2017

There is still a large amount of palm oil on the beaches of Lamma. We are asking members of the public to clean up the beach at Yung Shue Wan beach on Lamma Island this weekend (August 12 and 13).

Volunteers are needed in Tai Wan To and Hung Shing Yeh beach to assist members of the public to carry out cleaning work. There will be a coordinator onsite to show the public how to clean up the palm oil, clean-up safety issues, co-ordinate the distribution of plastic bags, and weight the total amount collected on the day.

Members of the public are invited to provide their own dishes, scoops, buckets and adequate drinking water (Avoid single-use plastic water bottles), outdoor items such as anti-sun and anti-mosquito spray/cream.

Also, bring a clean change of clothes and shoes.

Make sure to wear anti-slip and protective shoes while cleaning re beaches.

Take care of your own safety, avoid walking on the rocky shore or wet slippery rocks to avoid slipping.

Saturday August 12th starting at 3:00pm – Hung Shing Yeh public beach.

Sunday August 13th starting at 4:00pm – Tai Wan To and Hung Shing Yeh public beach.

For further information on the day contact Stanley Chan at Lamma Corner.