A Plastic Ocean & The Art of Awareness

Producer Joanna Lawrenson Ruxton also worked on The Blue Planet television series,

Film & Art Night at Lamma Art Collective (LAC) on Yung Shue Wan.

Sunday 7 October 2018 was the opening of The Art of Awareness exhibition, featuring paintings by  Roz Keep plus a showing of the award-winning documentary A Plastic Ocean. Directed by Craig Leeson and produced by Joanna Lawrenson Ruxton this film is making many people rethink their habits. The evening was organized by Living Lamma, the Lamma Art Collective and supported by WWF.

Roz specialises in painting landscapes and the wildlife in Hong Kong that is being poisoned by plastic, including styrofoam.

“I pick up so much styrofoam from beaches every year. Sometimes it is not even broken so I started painting on it like a canvas as it has a frame and a good flat area…

“I want to ban styrofoam from the fishing industry so it won’t end up in the sea and on the beaches, ” Roz Keep

The paintings in Art of Awareness draws attention to the marine plastic crisis through bittersweet paintings of wildlife on styrofoam.

Bubble wrap and plastic packaging texture painting on styrofoam fish box lid found on a Hong Kong Beach.