Beach Cleanups

The trash on our beaches can be overwhelming. But joining a cleanup helps. Through participation, we can raise the awareness needed to bring about change.

Read how you can make a longer lasting and more meaningful impact: Beach Cleaning Ideas

Read more about some of our beach cleanups below:

  • 42-Day Cleanup Yung Shue Wan Harbourfront

    For 42 days in 2014 Living Lamma and numerous volunteers spent a few hours each day picking up rubbish, trash, garbage and all kinds of waste from Yung Shue Wan harbourfront, to restore some of the beauty of this “bay of banyan trees” 21 September – 2 November 2014 North Lamma Community Effort                  
  • Brand on the Beach report to Government 12 January 2014

    36 adults, 12 kids and 4 dogs helped to remove 83 bags and boxes of trash from Pebbles Beach on north Lamma on Sunday 12th January 2014. 229 plastic bottles were picked up, 52 of which were from the Brand on the Beach winner, Vita Water, and 3 of which contained pee. We also picked up 58 ...
  • Cleanup Diary 4 December 2010

    Path from Banyan School to Tai Peng New Village For quite some time, when coming up the hill laden down with shopping and kids, I’d been annoyed by the number of cans, plastic bottles, lunch boxes and other bits of ‘lap sap’ that had been tossed into the undergrowth off the path. Jack the Intrepid went in ...
  • Cleanup Diary 6 Nov 2010

    Lamma Community Beach Cleanup Nga Kau Wan It was a horrible rainy day, but nonetheless 14 people showed up for the first in a series of cleanups organized by Living Lamma members. The beach was awash with plastic bottles and polystyrene. There was also a lot of plastic sheeting, old rope and amah sacking that had been ...
  • Cleanup Diary: 10 November 2014

    Cleaning up at Yung Shue Wan with The Harbour School.  
  • Cleanup Diary: 12 August 2017

    A large volume of palm oil washed up on Lamma beaches in early August 2017 Well done to workers and volunteers who tackled this hot and sticky mess on our beautiful beaches.
  • Cleanup Diary: 13 September 2014

    Each year the summer tide brings rubbish from the Pearl River Delta to the southern and western shores of Lamma Island. During the winter tide, the rubbish comes directly from Hong Kong Island to hit the northern and western shores. This does not mean that the beaches are ever spared from incoming trash and, as well as ...
  • Cleanup Diary: 14 June 2010

    The Living Lamma cleanups began one Monday morning in June 2010… Rubbish left behind on the rocks and in the bushes 14th June 2010: In which Max and Mummy start to clean up one of the places they like to go on Lamma… Max with his first bag of rubbish, all taken from the rocks Max and Mummy had ...