Consultation Papers

Reports and research with practical and creative ideas to improve the environment on Lamma in response to requests to participate in public consultation since 2009.

This page provides a chronology of the work that was documented relating to the environment and development on Lamma Island. Our small community includes engineers, architects, town planners, landscape architects, scientists, archaeologists and consultants as well as writers, artists and artisans who were able to turn ideas into creative and practical plans and strategies for enhancing life on Lamma now and for future generations.

Over time, we found that other Lamma residents had formed similar groups and participated in the consultation process. We have included the excellent work of our predecessors, some of whom remain unknown to us, so that their ideas are available to all.

We want to provide a record of all suggestions and proposals relating to our community for the benefit of future planners and residents, and anyone who appreciates this beautiful island.

  • Stop The Mess – E – Tai Peng Old Village

    Appendix II: Other Problem Areas by Village Tai Peng Old Village REF: TPOV0010210 The refuse collection point at Tai Peng Old Village is a mess. Rubbish is often placed outside the bin area, even when the bins themselves are not full. Responsibility: FEHD REF: TPOV0020210 The recycling bins are next to the refuse collection point, not part of the bin area. ...
  • Stop The Mess – I – Hung Shing Yeh

    6. Hung Shing Yeh REF: HSY0010210 Bin area at Hung Shing Yeh near the cable road. Need to redesign and think about landscaping. The dog toilets can be removed. Dogs do not use them. Perhaps more dog bins should be provided instead, but what happens to this waste? Responsibility: FEHD, LCSD REF: HSY0020210 Rusty metal and corrugated metal sheeting opposite ...
  • Stop The Mess – J – Pak Kok

    Pak Kok Village REF: PK0021210 Rusty metal at Pak Kok Old Village near lamppost 47952. Responsibility: Lands Department REF: PK00200210 Plastic pipe and metal drum at Pak Kok Old Village opposite house no 28 and near LP26294. Responsibility: Lands Department REF: PK0030210 Building materials at turn off to Pak Kok Old village at LMACAB10 Responsibility: Lands Department REF: PK0040210 Building materials next to the bins at ...
  • Waste Charging Consultation 31 March 2010

    Response to the Consultation Document “Sustainable Waste Management, Strengthening Waste Reduction: Is Waste Charging an Option?” Submitted to the Environmental Protection Department Living Lamma welcomes any effort to protect the environment through measures to reduce waste and encourage recycling. We have responded in our paper of 30th April 2010 to the EPD’s consultation on Waste Electric and Electronic ...
  • Waste Dumping in Yung Shue Long Valley 18 November 2009

    This article originally appeared in the Living Lamma newsletter Nov 2009 to explain the responses of various government departments to complaints about dumping (fly-tipping) in Yung Shue Long Valley.