Beach Cleanups

The trash on our beaches can be overwhelming. But joining a cleanup helps. Through participation, we can raise the awareness needed to bring about change.

Read how you can make a longer lasting and more meaningful impact: Beach Cleaning Ideas

Read more about some of our beach cleanups below:

  • Cleanup Diary 4 Dec 2010

    Path from Banyan School to Tai Peng New Village  No volunteers (again due to my failure to communicate, where did the week go?) but the Wilsons set off again to clean up some rubbish. This time it was the path up to our house. For quite some time, when coming up the hill laden down with shopping ...
  • Cleanup Diary 27 Nov 2010

      PO WAH YUEN SITTING AREA AND BEACH AND PAGODA PAST THE FISHERMAN’S VILLAGE No volunteers this time, just the Wilsons off on another litter pick up. I had lacked the energy to email an appeal for volunteers after a rather exhausting trip to Hanoi, but no matter, there will be a next time. This time the destination was ...
  • Cleanup Diary 6 Nov 2010

    Lamma Community Beach Cleanup Nga Kau Wan It was a horrible rainy day, but nonetheless 14 people showed up for the first in a series of cleanups organized by Living Lamma members. The beach was awash with plastic bottles and polystyrene. There was also a lot of plastic sheeting, old rope and amah sacking that had been ...