Biodiversity Survey

We have started the biodiversity check with birds on Lamma Island ten years ago, throughout the time, we have expanded the categories to plants, butterflies, dragonflies, moths, insects, amphibians, reptiles and inhabitants in intertidal zone and streams. To date, we have recorded 1,118 species of fauna and flora, some of which are even firstly discovered.

A thorough biodiversity survey can present the richness and diversity of wildlife to citizens and Lamma residents, advocating the idea to cherish and conserve our natural environment. On the other hand, a detailed ecological report can provide valuable data to the relevant government department and stakeholders, facilitating the coordination between various parties to preserve the precious natural resources on Lamma Island as well as allowing tourists and residents to fully enjoy the green and sustainable life on Lamma Island.


Birds survey 鳥類調查

August 2020
120 species recorded, 63 are migration species, 51 are native, Lamma Island is important for birds in seasonal migration.
目前已經錄得鳥類120種, 63種是季節性遷徙鳥類,51種是南丫島留鳥, 證明南丫島對鳥類在季節性遷徙中很重要

Moth survey 飛蛾調查

October 2020
276 species are totally recorded, 目前已經錄得飛蛾品種276種

Insects survey 昆蟲調查

October 2020
Total 237 species recorded 錄得237種
Hemiptera 半翅目
Orthoptera 直翅目
Hymenoptera 膜翅目
Mantodea 螳螂目
Blattodea 蜚蠊目
Diptera 雙翅目
Dermaptera 革翅目

Spider survey 蜘蛛調查

September 2020
42 species recorded, 錄得42種

Butterfly survey 蝴蝶調查

August 2020
119 species are totally recorded.

Dragonfly survey 蜻蜓調查

August 2020
25 species recorded, 蜻蜓錄得25種

Myriapoda survey 多足亞門調查

August 2020
Including millipedes and centipedes, 6 species recorded, Geoplanidae and Oligochaeta got 1 species respectively

Snake survey 蛇類調查

August 2020
11 species recorded, 錄得11種

Frog survey 蛙類調查

August 2020
8 species recorded, Romer’s Tree Frog Liuixalus romeri is Hong Kong’s endemic species, widely distributed on Lamma Island.

Crab survey 蟹類調查

August 2020
17 species recorded. The three types of fiddler crabs recorded were all found on the estuary of Sok Ku Wan. One of the fresh water crab name Nanhaipotamon hongkongense is endemic to Hong Kong and widely distributed in the Lamma Island. We found that one of a population with deep purple body color which is different from the normal species . It may be endemic to Lamma Island. .

Intertidal zone survey 潮澗帶動植物調查

August 2020
Including the Mollusca, Echinodermata, Crustacea and fresh water fish recorded 23 species.

Plant survey 植物調查

October 2020
Native plants recorded: 99 Family 264 sepcies
Exotic plants recorded: 48 Family 120 species.
Podocarpus neriifolius, Nepenthes mirabilis and Camellia hongkongensis are under AFCD list of 100 Rare and Precious Plants of Hong Kong.
大羅漢松(百日青)Podocarpus neriifolius、豬籠草Nepenthes mirabilis、香港茶Camellia hongkongensis 列於漁護署的香港百種珍貴植物名單中.

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