Beach Cleanups Log Book

Lamma Island has an endless coastline and many beaches there are remote and hard to reach. Facing this long-term marine litter issue, we decided to confront it by long-term actions. We connect Lamma residents who are concerned on the marine litter problem, gather forces from corporates and green groups, coordinate actions with the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department to head to the remote coasts in Lamma, roll up our sleeves and help cleaning up our home.


An SUP special task force are formed and go to the remote beach cleanup


More than 200 Fish Feed Bags were collected from various beaches, we take those fish feed bags for rubbish collection


A routine cleanup at Power Station Beach, which have collected more than 1000kg rubbish


Cleanup action at Pak Kok costal, 200kg rubbish collected


The costal in Pak Kap Han are always suffer from the marine derbis


The Shek Pai Wan costal have the same problem