Beach Cleanups

The trash on our beaches can be overwhelming. But joining a cleanup helps. Through participation, we can raise the awareness needed to bring about change.

Read how you can make a longer lasting and more meaningful impact: Beach Cleaning Ideas

Read more about some of our beach cleanups below:

  • Cleanup Diary: 27 November 2010

    Po Wah Yuen – sitting area by benches, beach and pagoda near O Tsai (fishermen’s village) This time the destination was the little beach on the other side of the fishermen’s village, as well as the path to, and the area around, the nearby pagoda. On the way, however, we passed by the benches at the ...
  • Cleanup Diary: 28 October 2017

    Volunteers and FEHD workers worked to clean up Tai Wan To Beach and Power Station Road one week before Lamma Fun Day Beach Music Festival and Lamma8 trail run.  
  • Cleanup Diary: 31 October 2014

    Cleanup of Yung Shue Wan with Banyan House Bringing kids to the beach should not be all about rubbish, but equally, we cannot bring them up to ignore the problem. When I started cleaning the beach at Yung Shue Wan, I could hear mothers walking past with their kids telling them it was too dirty or dangerous ...
  • Cleanup Diary: 5 November 2014

    Student reporters investigate the 42-day cleanup Young reporters from Bradbury School came to clean Yung Shue Wan beach and ask questions about the 42-day cleanup in autumn 2014.
  • Cleanup Diary: 7 November 2016

    Thank you to staff from Hong Kong Football Club for joining a Pak Kok beach cleanup.
  • Cleanup Diary: 7 October 2018

    Pebbles Beach in Pak Kok was in a terrible state yesterday, with so much more refuse coming in. Nevertheless, volunteers did a good job of cleaning up – almost 60 people joined in , between 9am and 2pm.   However, the back of the beach is terrible – and in three cleanups, despite all that we have ...
  • Cleanup Diary: 8 October 2017

    Cleanup Diary: 8 October 2017
  • Cleanup Diary: 9 April 2016

    Cleanup Diary: 9 April 2016